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Ship's regulations

  1. General note

Ship’s Regulations are applicable on board the STS Fryderyk Chopin. All persons on board are called Crew. This includes: Professional Crew, Instructors, Trainees. All Crewmembers should always remember that the way the Ship and Crew look must be clean and tidy.


  1. The Professional Crew

The Professional Crew are appointed by the Owner of the Ship and consist of: Captain, Watch Officers, Bosun, Engineer, Cook. If necessary the Owner will also appoint a Doctor. The Captain is in undisputable command of the Ship and is superior to all other Crew. 


  1. Trainees and Instructors 

Instructors are appointed by the Owner or the Captain and they are assistants of Watch Officers. The Trainees are divided into three watch groups. Each watch group has an Officer and an Instructor, who might be also called Watch Leader. The organization of work on board is performed by the Captain and Officers.


  1. Embarkation and disembarkation

Embarkation of a Crewmember is complete after deposition of proper documents (passports etc.) to the Captain or Chief Officer and signing on a crew list.

Disembarkation is complete when the deposited documents are returned to the Crewmember and a proper inscription is made in the log book and signed by the Captain.


  1. Discipline

Every Crewmember must perform all duties assigned to them by Professional Crew. 

Consumption of alcohol when at sea and at anchor is strictly prohibited. In harbor it may be allowed by the Captain. Smoking is strictly prohibited below deck. The only area on the Ship where smoking is allowed is on the stern. Possession of any narcotic substances is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in punishment up to disembarkation in the nearest harbor.

The Crew will stand watches in the following hours: 0000-0400, 0400-0800, 0800-1200, 1200-1600, 1600-2000, 2000-0000. These hours may be changed by the Captain’s decision.


  1. Training

Every Trainee must undergo training in safety, climbing, sail manouvers, harbor manouvers,  use of ship’s installations etc. Professional Crew and Instructors will provide all necessary information and continue to help with maritime education throughout the sail.


  1. Safety

Rules of safety on board will be presented to the Trainees after embarkation. Every Crewmember must at all times obey the Professional Crew to ensure his/her maximum safety.


  1. Alarms

There are following alarms on board the Ship:

___  muster on the stern

*___ * ___ * ___ harbor manouvers

___    ___  sail manouvers

**___ fire alarm

********___ general alarm


After every alarm all Crew must gather on deck on their stations described during the training as soon as possible. Immediate mustering is essencial. The specifics of every alarm will be described during training.


  1. Watch

There are following types of watch: navigational, harbor, anchor, galley, bosun’s.  Duties of Trainees will be outlined by the Watch Officer , Captain or other member of Professional Crew every time.


  1. Cleaning

The Ship must be cleaned by the Trainees every day. Every watch has their sector of responsibility below deck. The Bosun will arrange cleaning the deck depending on weather conditions and Captain’s orders.


  1. Maritime tradition

Daily routine on the Ship is based on maritime tradition of tall ships. The day begins with hoisting the Colours at 0800 when the plan for the rest of the day is announced. Professional Crew will instruct about any behaviors that are welcome and unwelcome on board.