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In order to prepare for your voyage on board of the STS Fryderyk Chopin you should know, that:

  • According to her registration STS Fryderyk Chopin is a sport vessel which means, that all participants form the ship’s crew and take active part in ship handling under captains and officers’  guidance. 
  • Sailors should bring clothes and shoes adequate to ship’s environment and work on deck in all weather conditions.
  • Professional crew consists of 7 persons: Captain, watch officers, engineer, bosun and cook. There are also several instructors on board – people, who have extensive experience on the Fryderyk Chopin and are always eager to share their knowledge and teach seamanship skills.
  • Captain and captain only can decide if weather conditions allow to enter or leave harbor. The decision on ship’s route is also exclusively his, which includes visited ports, weather conditions, navigation conditions and crew safety. It is Captain’s right to give instructions, terminate the voyage earlier than planned or not start it if the crew safety is the reason.
  • Free time during the ship’s stay in harbor is assigned by the Captain and in that time the participants organize their activities on their own cost and according to individual preferences.
  • The ship provides 3 meals a day – breakfast, dinner and supper – and unlimited access to tea and coffee. No sweets, fizzy drinks or alcohol beverages are provided. There is no canteen or shop on board, so those who love snacks need to bring them with.
  • There are several toilet stalls and shower cabins on the ship with hot running water. There are no towels or cosmetics provided. It is a good idea to bring shower flip-flops.
  • There is and electric socket (230V) in every cabin, so it is possible to use and charge electronic and alectrical devices (hair driers, shavers, mobile phones, laptops…). The Owner does not take financial responsibility for any damage or loss of personal equipment.
  • Participants should (on their own cost) consult a doctor in order to find out about possible contraindications against sailing on a tall ship.